Learn Meditation & Yoga


24th - 30th of September, 2021

Enjoy a relaxing holiday, make new friends and master your body and mind for better health, less stress and more joy in your life. This 7 Day Meditation Retreat will be our first and an unforgettable experience.



The best things in life are not things. This has been my mantra for many years now. We spend so much of our lives searching for happiness on the outside, in the material world. For me this external search led me to feeling lost and confused for many years while suffering with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety and panic attacks due to childhood trauma. Thankfully I discovered the life changing practices of meditation and yoga, which have had such a transformational impact on my life, that I’ve taken it upon myself to become a teacher, and now that we are launching our first ever Mindspo retreat, I have the privilege of passing my knowledge onto you. I’m so excited to create for you the ultimate experience with this retreat. Mindspo has always been an ‘online’ experience, but this retreat is the start of a new chapter, and I really hope you can be a part of it.


I’m what you would call a ‘Seeker’. My entire life, when everyone went right, i would do my utmost to go left. Following my intuition i’m constantly seeking new horizons, new ways of doing things, ways to reinvent the wheel. Though this has led me down an uncertain path, i couldn’t be more grateful for having taken it, because it’s led me to discover many new ways of being, manifesting the life of my dreams, and most notably the ability to tame my erratic mind through the powerful practice of Transcendent Mantra Meditation. Now it’s time to share this knowledge, so I cannot wait to meet you in Mykonos and pass on what i’ve discovered.